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I should warn you that some of the stories are NC-17 or above, so don't read if you don't like sex and/or violence.There are also slash pairings involved. Slash means that the couple is same sex (male/male).

My most sincere thank you to Alex, who beta'd all of these fics, unless otherwise noted.

Finally, although the characters do some original things, they are not mine. They belong to Tolkien, I'm only borrowing them for the purposes of the stories. I promise to return them in good shape.

Once again, do NOT click on any of the links if you're easily offended. 

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flag Protecting Rumil
Rating: NC-17
Type: Slash
Characters: Haldir/Denethor
Warnings and Notes: My very first fic. Contains Non-consenual sex and BDSM. This story is slightly AU (Alternate Universe) and takes place Pre-Fellowship.
Summary: Rumil and Haldir travel to Gondor on a diplomatic mission. I've never seen Denethor as anything but totally corrupt. This just proves it. (February 2003)

Keeper of the Flame
2004 MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Nominee

Rating: NC-17
Type: Het
Characters: Galadriel/Celeborn
Warnings and Notes: Post-Fellowship. Written as part of the Fest for Waters of Cuivienen. (Plot Challenge: It is time for your character to cross the Sea of Valinor. Who do they reflect on, or even take with them? This is my answer. (Oh, and I have no idea if this is really canon. I assume that once Elrond left Middle Earth, Arwen and the twins would begin to age and eventually die, though long after Aragorn or other mortals. If someone more knowledgeable tells me otherwise, I'll revise the story).
Beta: Alex
Summary: As Galadriel crosses to Valinor, she reflects on her relationship with Celeborn. (March 2003)

Faramir's Dream
Rating: NC-17
Type: Het
Characters: Faramir/Galadriel
Warnings and Notes: Pre-Fellowship. Written as part of the Fest for Waters of Cuivienen.
Beta: Alex
Summary: Faramir travels to Lothlorien seeking help from Galadriel. He's had dreams, and he needs her to interpret them. She gives him information and so much more. (March 2003)

Stop That, You''ll Only Hurt Yourselves
2003 MPA (My Precious Awards) Nominee
2004 MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Nominee

Rating: NC-17
Type: Slash
Characters: Glorfindel, Celeborn, Elrond, Thranduil.
Warnings and Notes: A slash/humor piece that Alex and I co-wrote for the Lothlorien Challenge at Haldir's Realm.
Summary: The elf lords (Glorfindel, Celeborn, Thranduil, and Elrond) start out for Rohan when they run out of brandy. NC-17.

Fic Swept Away
2003 MPA (My Precious Awards) Nominee
2004 MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Nominee

2004 MEFA - Third Place - Romance Category

Rating: PG-13, maybe R
Type: Slash
Characters: Rumil/Theodred
Warnings and Notes: Takes place about 20 years before LOTR. Written for the Lothlorien Challenge at Haldir's Realm
Beta: Alex
Summary: Rumil and Haldir are out scouting when Rumil is swept away in the flooded river. (Hence the title :) He meets up with a young Theodred. (July/August 2003)

It's In His Eyes
2004 MPA (My Precious Awards) Nominee
2004 MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Nominee

Rating: G
Type: General
Characters: Elrond, Elros, Celebrimbor
Warnings and Notes: Written for the HallaQuenta Valentines Challenge
Beta: Alex and Circe
Summary: This takes place during the War of the Wrath, where the twins and Celebrimbor are likely to be living. Elros and Elrond have yet to make their choice. Elros meets Celebrimbor, maybe he's the reason Elros chooses mortality. (February 2004)

Fic Forward And Back
2005 MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Nominee

Rating: PG-13
Type: Slash (implied)
Characters: Elladan/Elrohir
Warnings and Notes: Written for the Elffetish Fic Swap,Amebrindra asked for the twins, and romance. Here they are.
Beta: Alex.
Summary: The twins look forward by looking back. (October 2004)

Light Extinguished
2005 MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Nominee

2005 MEFA - Second Place - Romance. Elves Category

Rating: PG-13
Type: Slash
Characters: Gil-galad/Elrond
Warnings and Notes: Character death. Written for the Secret Santa Fanfic Swap I got assigned Gil-galad/Elrond in the Second Age, and the requestor wanted hurt/comfort, romance or fluff.
Beta: Alex
Summary: Gil-galad wants to protect Elrond, but has to hurt him to do it.

Stories written by me during fic exchanges

Flower1 Castles On The Ground
Rating: G
Fandom: Little Women (the books)
Characters: Jo and Fritz
Warnings and Notes: Written for the Yuletide 2007 Fic Exchange
Beta: Alex with some help from Luin
Summary: Sometimes, castles in the air have to land.

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Flower1 Wasn't Even Close
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O
Characters: Steve McGarret and Danny Williams
Warnings and Notes: Written for the Yuletide Fic Exchange
Beta: Alex

Notes: This story is based on Episode 5x08 – Journey Out of Limbo -
Episode Synopsis from IMDB: To the horror of workers at a construction site, the truck of sand they are unloading contains Danny Williams in the back, unconscious and just moments away from having smothered to death. Danny awakens, but can't remember anything about how he got there. McGarrett grills the sand-truck driver, but eventually abandons him as a dead end. The only other way Danny could have gotten into the dump truck was to jump in from a height as the truck passed below him. Danny remembers he was going horseback riding on his day off, so the Five-O team heads out to a ranch that rents horses for pleasure rides. Eventually they find the body of the horse he was riding, shot multiple times and leaving a long trail of blood. That means Danny was fleeing from gunmen and made his leap as a last resort. But what did he see that made the gunmen chase him? The answer turns out to be a literal suicide bomber, a well-known war hero, who is getting revenge on a Chinese official by having a bomb-laden boat (with mannequins at the helm, which is what Danny saw being loaded into a truck headed for the harbor) steered by remote control straight into the man's yacht with the dignitaries aboard. McGarrett and the Five-O crew must race the clock to destroy the bomber’s boat before it can complete the madman's mission.
Fic Summary: The story that made it into the official files at Five-O didn’t always include the minute details of the case. Luckily for Danno and Steve, this one wasn’t even close.

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Flower1 No Real Escape
Rating: R for violence
Fandom: The Stand by Stephen King (book)
Characters: Lloyd
Warnings and Notes: Includes character death. Written for the Yuletide Fic Exchange
Beta: Alex
Summary: The night before the day after. Lloyd does some thinkin'.

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Stories written FOR me during fic exchanges.

First Meetings

Author: Inner Voice
Beta: none
Rating: PG
Pairing: Rumil/Theodred
Warnings: none
Request: Rumil/Lindir OR Rumil/Theodred, fluff and romance, childhood flashbacks are good, heck, even children stories (G or PG of course) are good.
From the Slashy Santa Secret Swap 2004.
Written For: Larian Elensar (So yes, this was written by Inner Voice for me, during the swap in which I wrote Light Extinguished.)

Unexpected Lessons

Author: Khylea
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Rúmil/Erestor, Glorfindel/Haldir
Timeline: Sometime in the late Third Age. Not really critical.
Archive: Feel free, just drop me a URL where I can visit it please
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, J.R.R. Tolkien does. I make no profit, J.R.R. Tolkien's descendants do. Cut me some slack, okay? I have BOTH the theatrical and extended versions of all three movies (or will when ROTK comes out!).....I think that shows I'm a bit obsessed....let the obsessed woman have her fun, would you?
Beta: Manon. Thanks a bunch, love!

Summary: Rúmil discovers there is more to Erestor than he thought. Glorfindel and Haldir make a discovery.

Author's Notes: Written as a fic challenge on the Elffetish Yahoo group for Larian Elensar. She picked the pairing, it was my job to write the fic. She picked the Rúmil/Erestor, by the way, and I fully intended on writing JUST that. But my Glory muse refused to shut up and demanded he get some attention as well. *sigh* Translations at the end of each section, which come from the "Dragon Flame" elvish dictionary. I am not an elvish expert, but have been told by those who are that this is a relatively accurate source. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me if you can do it nicely. Flames will be used to power the Balrog I'll send after you if you're nasty.

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