A Necessity

Sam snatched it, almost greedily, out of Haldir's hands.

"I told them. I knew I'd want it if I hadn't got it. They all just ignored me. I'm glad to see you understood. I mean, for an elf and all, you surely see my point, even when nobody else, not even Mr. Frodo, did."

Haldir felt his face turn warm at the hobbit's effusive praise; he just kept talking and talking. Finally, the elf couldn't take it any more so he turned, grunted something that sounded like a thank you and nearly ran out of the small clearing, hoping that nobody had seen the exchange. After all, Haldir hadn't been too pleased to see the strangers in Lorien, and now, he was handing out specially made gifts, to non-elves! He'd be teased unmercifully if anyone found out.

Days later, as he oversaw the supplies being packed onto the three boats, Haldir couldn't resist a peek into the large, heavy pack that Sam carried. It was right there, on top, so the hobbit could get to it quickly. As the fellowship began to return to the boats to depart, Haldir hurriedly closed the pack, but not before Sam burst through the trees, giving the elf a secret smile and a nod.

He climbed in, pulled the pack close and patted it as the others made their farewells.

Yes, that gift was exactly what they'd needed. Sam was just glad that some elves believed in that kind of good luck too. He wasn't generally a gambler, but what self-respecting hobbit left on a long journey without a lucky rabbit's foot?



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