25 Fluffy Fics - Theodred

The assignment is to write 25 fics of at least 100 words each, using given prompts. (You can see the prompt table here: My Table) I chose the Tolkien Fandom and Theodred (The Crown Prince of Rohan). The following are links to my fics written for this challenge.

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Fic Feast of the Winter Moon
Characters: Théodred, Eomer, and the other people of Rohan.
Prompt: 005. Holiday.
Word Count: 1088
Rating: G
Beta: Alex
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: My assumption here is that Rohan and its people have ties to our world's Norse mythology.  Some authors disagree with this assumption and have done pages of writing to disprove it. I don't care. I like the idea that the people of Rohan have some Viking traditions and mythology. The holiday, Feast of the Winter Moon, was my own take on Thor's Feast: Full Moon of January. I read about Thor's Feast here: http://www.wizardrealm.com/norse/holidays.html. Any of the customs I've included for this feast are purely my imagination, I make NO claims of getting anything 100% accurate. And just for the record, Eowyn hasn't been born yet. Also, I assume that the children of Rohan can ride almost before they can walk, so a three year old is comfortable around horses.
Summary: Sixteen-year-old Théodred and three-year-old Eomer at Eomer's first official feast.


Fic The Halls Of His Ancestors
Characters: Théoden, although Théodred plays a part.
Prompt: 023 - Reunion
Word Count: 605
Rating:  G
Beta: Alex
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Théoden was sure he'd not be invited to the halls of his ancestors, he'd failed Rohan, hadn't he?



Fic Story 3
Word Count:
Beta: Alex, Beta Goddess
Author's Notes:




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