Enough For Two

Galadriel had to stop and remind herself not to rush.  She needed to take her time to get this just right.  She stopped to take several deep breaths, then she started her task again. She was just so excited. She had performed this task many times in Valinor and again in Arda, though not as often. But now it was personal.

When the letter had arrived, Galadriel had nearly torn Celeborn's arm off as she clutched it and jumped up and down. He was thrilled to see her so happy though.  Of course, he was just as happy, but someone had to remain calm. 

She'd started her project that very day.


The sun was sinking and Galadriel caught herself squinting as she worked.  She was concentrating so hard she wasn't even aware that Celeborn was standing behind her, chuckling.

"My love.  Wake up! I have been trying to get your attention for several moments. You need to quit working on that. We are leaving at daybreak tomorrow and must rest."

He glanced at the materials in her hands then pulled her up from her chair.

"You're almost finished?"

"Nearly. I will wait until we get there to put the finishing touches on it."


The Lord and Lady arrived in Imladris in good time, and Galadriel still had nearly a week to finish her task.  She was pleased with the results, and proudly showed it to Celeborn one evening.

"But you've made it very large, dearest. It's twice the normal size."

"I started it too early and got carried away. But it doesn't matter. This blanket is for my grandchild. My first grandchild."


Two days later, Celeborn and Galadriel each held a sleeping baby close.

"You knew that the blanket had to be twice as large, didn't you? You knew they would be twins."

"I wasn't completely sure, but yes, I did have a feeling. Don't forget husband, you were the wise one who keeps a sharp knife on his person all the time. One smooth cut and we had blankets enough for two."


Elladan smiled as he held up a well-used square of material, just before he tucked it into his pack. "Ro, do you still have yours? I'm a little surprised that mine lasted this long."

Elrohir held up a similarly ragged square of material, then he carefully packed it. "Well, it was handmade by the Lady of Light. And hand cut by a wise elf.  I'm sure Grandmother will be excited to see them again."

Elrohir was right. As she greeted them in Valinor with a kiss on the cheek, she whispered that she and their mother had been making overly large baby blankets in anticipation of the twin's arrival in the west. She had every confidence that they'd be needed soon.



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