Fluttering Feathers

The newlyweds danced the first dance alone. The second dance belonged to the new couple and their parents.  Galadriel was genuinely pleased when Elrond asked her to dance with him, in his mother's place. Celebrian waited patiently, an expectant smile on her face as her father moved towards her. 

He bowed, taking her hand, then put one hand on her waist as she rested hers on his shoulder. They began the intricate steps of a dance learned long ago, one that Celeborn had taught her, one he had learned from his own mother and father, so many ages ago.  It started slowly, the couple took small steps, swaying a little, making their way around in a circle, each pass becoming faster, the steps a little longer, more turning and swirling until they were almost a blur, feet barely touching the ground.

Anyone watching could tell that father and daughter had danced this dance many times, they seemed to anticipate each other’s movements, his foot landing where hers had been only a moment before. She would start to turn before he moved his hand, guiding her. They never faltered, never stumbled. On the last trip around the larger circular dance floor, Celeborn would fling his arm out, causing Celebrian to spin faster and faster, and get further and further away.  It reminded some of a bird nudging its babies out of the nest, sending them off into the world in a frenzy of flapping wings and fluttering feathers.

Just when all were sure that one of them would fall, they stopped right in front of Galadriel and Elrond. Celeborn pulled his daughter close, and kissing the top of her head, he turned her around once more, then delivered her into the arms of her husband.

Celeborn was able to smile, through his tears. She was flying.



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