100 Situations Fiction

The assignment is to write 100 fics of at least 200 words each, using given prompts. (You can see the prompt table here: My Table) I chose the Stargate: Atlantis (General Series). The following are links to my fics written for this challenge.

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Being Noticed
Characters: Miko Kusanagi, Radek Zalenka, with a short appearance by Rodney.
Prompt: 053 - Trust
Word Count: 1487
Rating: G
Beta: Alex, as always, my complete appreciation.
Episode Tag: 2x17, Letters from Pegasus
Summary: Miko and Radek spend a quiet night in the lab.
Author's Notes: Written for the SGA Secondary Fic Challenge.


Leaf Story 2
Word Count:
Beta: Alex, her wonderfulness
Author's Notes: .


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